Arhivă februarie, 2012

UN Secretary General: Proud of 15 years of successful fight against nuclear testing, urge entry into force of the CTBT

Heads of Vienna based United Nations Organizations met 16 March 2012 at the CTBTO’s headquarters. The gathering was part of events to mark the CTBTO’s 15 year anniversary. Left to right: UNCITRAL Director, Renaud Sorieul; UNIS Director, Janos Tisovszky; Executive Director UNODC, Yuri Fedotov; CTBTO IDC Director, Lassina Zerbo; CTBTO Executive Secretary, Tibor Tóth; OSCE Secretary General, Lamberto Zannier; UNOOSA Director, Mazlan Othman; UNODA Vienna Chief, Franz Kolar; Former CTBTO Executive Secretary, Wolfgang Hoffmann; CTBTO IMS Director Vorian Mayssael; and CTBTO OSI Director Oleg Rozhkov.

“As a diplomat, I devoted a great deal of energy to disarmament and non-proliferation, including through the [Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty] CTBT. As Secretary-General, I am even more committed to this cause – and to realizing our vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. Ending nuclear testing is essential to eradicating nuclear arms. That is […]