Arhivă decembrie, 2013

Documentele Revolutiei Romane


Jurnalistul belgian Danny Huwe a fost impuscat din interiorul Comandamentul Trupelor de Jandarmi. Reprezentantii Asociaţiei 21 Decembrie 1989, au devaluit că jurnalistul belgian Danny Huwe a fost împuşcat, pe 25 decembrie 1989, în zona Răzoare, nu de terorişti, ci de militarii Comandamentului Trupelor de Grăniceri, la comanda şefului unităţii, colonelul, pe atunci, Petre Teacă. Documentele […]

Ce ascunde nepăsarea reprezentanţelor diplomatice de la Bucureşti ?


Răspuns halucinant din partea Ambasadei Regatului Belgiei la Bucureşti, la întrebările jurnaliştilor despre moartea violentă a belgianului Danny Huwé. Jurnalistul a fost împuşcat pe data de 25 decembrie 1989 la Bucuresti, în zona « Răzoare », din interiorul fostului Comandament al Trupelor de Grăniceri (comandament militar subordonat succesiv Ministerului Apărării Naţionale şi Ministerului de Interne […]

With Washington and Moscow caught in a deteriorating relationship, is conflict inevitable?

putin & obama

Rising tensions in the relationship between the United States and Russia are beginning to cause a „Cool War” – a sort of Cold War-lite – that threatens both Washington and the entire global geopolitical system. Without a functioning relationship between Washington and Moscow, the chances of solving major challenges – from Iran to Syria, the Arctic to Afghanistan – […]

West Africa a shortcut for rich mainland Chinese to Hong Kong residency


Thousands of mainland Chinese have permanent residency in The Gambia, a place they most likely have never visited and never will, as the African country has been unexpectedly profiting from a Hong Kong immigration scheme. The fastest, cheapest way for a Chinese citizen to gain right of residency in Hong Kong under the Capital Investment […]



The Human Rights defense organization, RADDHO, as well as ARTICLE 19 and several other Organizations of the civil society in Africa, on Tuesday in Dakar, expressed plans to confront Gambian authorities and hold a series of meetings with them to raise their awareness on issues related to the degrading Human rights conditions in the small […]

A last chance for European Diplomacy

Hearing on Human rights implications of the use of drones

Rare are the moments in international relations when one single moment can define and decide the shape of things to come, when years of foreign affairs manoeuvring come to a finish. The Third Eastern Partnership Summit which is set to take place in Vilnius on the 28-29 November may very well be the last chance […]